Top Technology Trends in 2020

Technology is now evolving much faster than ever, and companies, as well as individuals not keeping up with that pace of significant tech trends, risk being left behind. The only way for folks to prepare and grasp the upcoming opportunities is only to understand the major trends. In 2020, the world is expected to see a transformational breakthrough in the manner in which technology will impact most lives. Here are the top technology trends this year:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Breakthrough

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has now become part of everyday life resulting from the emergence of a device ecosystem that includes Siri, Alexa, as well as Google Assistant. As much as it’s not a new term in town, there’re further AI verticals that are now shaping the global industry. For instance, products such as a mind-reading wearable, AlterEgo, as well as citizen robots such as Sophia, only indicate how broad technology will expand in 2020.

5G Network

The prospect of 5G technology is another that will have a huge impact on businesses in 2020. It’s a technology that has been termed by many as the future of communication, and rightly so.

The 5G network will support up to 1,000-fold gains in capacity with connections of over 100 billion devices. The downloads are expected to be super-fast as well as the upload speeds with more stable connections.

Although some had a taste of 5G in the past year, it’s in 2020 that the 5th generation network will really start to fly. With the increased bandwidth, robots, machines, as well as autonomous vehicles, will be able to collect and transfer extra data.

Autonomous Driving

Companies such as Waymo, Alphabet, and Tesla are not new, with all aiming to craft some impeccable autonomous vehicles. Imagine a driverless car – a great excitement, right? Literally, it’s in 2020 that the excitement will come to an end with the companies expecting to bring forth the autonomous vehicles.

Distributed Cloud

Already, cloud storage, as well as cloud computing, have embraced most industries across the globe, but the next big thing in 2020 is going to be a distributed cloud system. It will help to connect the public cloud distributed operation to specific locations.

Aerospace Evolution

It’s expected that humankind will commence the return into space, mostly the private sector being the driving force. Companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin are making advancements in aerospace.

Ideally, the world is on the move, and in 2020, a lot of technology trends are expected, including commercialization of quantum computing, human augmentation, and data policing, among others.