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Things To Consider Before Buying A Camera Bag

When it comes to buying photography gear, cameras and lenses get all the attention. After all, you can’t exactly take pictures without those two. But it doesn’t mean that there are no other important pieces of kit, too.
From tripods to filters, camera remotes to camera bags, filling out your photography kit involves a lot of decision making. If you prioritize what you need inside your camera bag, as detailed by, this article will provide you tips on what to consider before buying a camera bag.

How Much Gear Do You Need to Carry?

This could be a difficult question because you often tend to buy a huge bag, assuming you have enough equipment to get by at some point. And though it’s important to think ahead and consider what your kit will look like in a couple of years, at the same time, you might not want to carry a big camera bag around if all you have is a mirrorless camera and a lens or two.

camera bag

A huge bag offers features such as a padded camera for safe storage, an aluminum-lined shoulder strap for a comfortable carrying adventure, and the ability to attach just a small camera to the outside of the bag for easy access for quick shots. It means that not only do you get a bag in which you can safely and securely carry your gear, but you also have the flexibility to have a bag that can handle double loads.

How Do You Want to Carry Your Gear?

camera bagThere are a lot of options when it comes to carrying your camera bag. If you are more of an adventurer, you might consider a system that provides extra stability for moving the load, distributing the weight over a larger part of the body. Another decision is to buy a bag carried on a dual-closure tap, such as the Holdfast MoneyMaker. It is a camera shoulder strap with steroids, which gives you an incredibly comfortable fit when storing your camera (for carrying with the ideal accessories!). It gives you some flexibility in choosing your bag and the amount of equipment you can take with you.

Do You Prefer Function or Form?

With a full range of camera bags, you have to choose between something sensible and something beautiful. Whichever bag you choose, it should be committed to making sure it does the job for you personally, not on you, and looks great in the process. With durable exterior materials that help the bag withstand the elements, soft interior pockets that store your expensive equipment and ensure your safety, and carrying options ranging from shoulder straps to handles that can be attached to double-belt systems, you have a variety of features that make the bag an essential part of your workflow.

Just like a good lens will help you take better photos than a budget lens, a good camera bag will give you so much more than a cheap one. When thinking about what bag to buy, consider form, function, how you can carry it, and how much gear you need to take, and you’ll have an easier time narrowing down the field.