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Tips to Maximize Your iPhone Apps and Features

Whether you are a phone enthusiast or simply admiring what possession of a smartphone has brought into your life, you will agree that technology has had a big impact on your daily life. Most of us even cannot bear to detach and turn off the phone at night when sleeping. No one can blame them when they have owned a great device that makes their life more convenient. In this article, you are going to find more fantastic offers to maximize your smartphone features. You do not have to unlock or jailbreak your iPhone to get the most out of your smartphone since there are great apps installers like FlekStore that let you enter the nerd heaven. Prepare yourself to maximize your iPhone with the following tips below.

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Let’s warm-up first with the coming of waterproofing smartphone. It seems like a perfect solution to many broken smartphones caused by water or wetness. The American company Liquipel has developed a special coating that could make any smartphone waterproof. Powerful and complete genius for those who are afraid to put the phone down in the bathroom. 


customizationEveryone is aware of how difficult it is to get customization on the iPhone. The option of hacking seems tempted but feel like a lot of trouble to modify everything in the layout of the icons and design and the keyboard. As more friendly third-party iPhone app stores provide a door to many other apps outside the official store, you can now access customization easier. However, please remember safety download apps before randomly choose to install various apps on your phone. The recommended apps for the customization would be the infamous Pimp my Screen app or Style my Screen app. 

Catch a Thief

With the updated iOS software and access through the third-party installer, you can download the I Caught U Pro app. Most of us know how to locate their phone with Find My Phone feature when stolen. It works great to trouble the thief as they cannot connect to your phone. However, this feature is almost useless when the thief turned off the phone. In this case, the I Caught U Pro app can come to save your day. When you have already installed this app in your stolen smartphone, the device can capture two photos of who tries to take your phone and send the pictures directly to your emails. This way, it helps you catch the thief or find someone spying on you. When you install the app, you might ask to turn the fingerprint lock off and activate guided accessibility, but it works like a spell after installation.