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Tips on Balancing Your Motherhood and Carrier in the Era of Technology

Working in my company and at the same time feeling free as an entrepreneur, this was my fantasy. It was me during the school holidays, and I remember the magic of great people and the money that comes to me. I had become “addicted” and started to have big dreams. According to lasoposiciones, that it is important thing to make the balance between motherhood and carrier.

Modern Work Hours


Fast forward to the point where a small 6-digit business is in operation. Even if I work 20 hours, right? I don’t want to be part of this rat race and get buried in a fire. I am also a mother of two children (8 and 6 years old), and I want to enjoy my whole life for them and see them rise. I run my business while they run it. And every weekend and school holiday, I am free to be with them and my closest and dearest members and friends. This job has not come along, and I have found that companionship and motherhood are possible with a routine and a theme. By doing my combination in this way, I want to show my children and people that mothers can work and enjoy achievements and joy in life and work.

I want to simulate a life that suggests that you can earn your money as an entrepreneur and be satisfied to live a life of freedom and flexibility. It shows that you work smart and earn more time, and I would like to be a role model for children. I hope that they will appreciate their mother’s memory and take inspiration from her, with a mother who gives priority to well-being and pleasure above all else. I want to convey to them the stream of PRESENCE in which they feel loved and connected and rooted. I want to make them happy and show them that motherhood and society can create a balance without having to give up their happiness or well-being. I believe that it is about balancing one’s energy.

The Flexible Platforms


Being a mother and an entrepreneur gives me strength. And this is every second how and that I have a facet together that helps me to FEEL. If I can’t feel joy, it’s not for me. You see, because there are three principles in my life: participation and authenticity of the connection. When I take action, before I take action, I check if this action is following my values. When I get in touch with other people, I can contribute and be authentic. Otherwise, this is not a step for me. Living with ease and being in a wonderful river relaxes the body. Your body and mind are in their state, and your lifestyle and work productivity will move over the roof. At work, you can be present, and when the work is finished, you can switch to mother mode without any pain or bitterness.

Your strategy will sharpen your attention and awareness. Being present in the present will avoid fatigue and give you patience and the ability to make decisions for yourself. Take a deep breath and take a step towards creating your dream life. Your children and your organization will thank you.