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Software Technology for iOS: AppCake

A lot of people nowadays use iOS or iPhone for their mobile devices. The default app installer for iPhone is Apple Store. But, because of some restrictions and disadvantages that they can encounter with Apple Store, they are looking for third-party installer technology that they can count on for them to use. AppCake Installer is one of the best third-party apps that iPhone users can use as their application installer. The creator of this app is iPhoneCake and released in 2008 by iPASTORE. With this, let us know the different information about AppCake.

Steps to Install AppCake

Installing this third-party application only needs simple steps. First, open your Safari and search for “download AppCake app.” Second, download it, and a message will appear after downloading click “Install App.” Third, When you see the icon of the AppCake in your screen, go to setting and general. Fourth, look for the profile of AppCaake and tap it then click trust. Now you are done, and you now have the app AppCake Installer in your iOS gadget.

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Safety of this Application

For this app to work in your iOS device, you don’t need to jailbreak or root your device anymore. Only by looking at this part, you can already ensure the safeness of this application because an app that does not require any rooting or jailbreaking is the trusted one. Also, the developers of this app ensure that there is no bug with their software, so if they receive any complaint about the AppCake, they will immediately act and fix for the wrong things that happen to their product.