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    How to Download Safe Android Games

    Apps and games for Android are just lovers and favorites, always looking for the latest and most fascinating games or applications to download to your cell phone. To enjoy the exciting world of applications and games, you usually need an Android Games Downloader such as HappyMod, or APK Downloader (Android application package). However, you need to know tips about safe android games that you will find out by reading this article.

    Get the Reliable Source

    GameAs we know, Google play store is the most popular games downloader because it is one of the best android games downloader. You can easily download google APK easily on the internet.

    However, there is another best alternate games downloader and APK downloader that you can use to ensure the reliable source of it. You need to ensure it does not contain malware that could be a danger for your phone.

    Re-Check the Game Application Ratings

    Even though there’s already mention the information of games rating in the google play store, you need to re-check the game application ratings again. Because in case you meet with a technical issue, you can easily get help to solve it.

    Check the Game Details

    The next tip is you should check the game details. You can easily find this detail by finding it via googling or forums discussion, which talks about the games. In this way, you can find information on whether this game is legit or not.

    Access Grant


    The last tip is you need to ensure and check the access grant you have to access these games. However, not many users have acknowledged knowing and have to check their access grant. You need to ensure that you access the games or applications with a safe connection. Whenever you receive any suspicious request, don’t give any information about your personal information.…

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    Overview of WordBall Game

    There are many mind boggling games running around your App store. However, most online word games have no similar attractiveness as the WordBall game. It is a word trivia game with a fresh challenge on this type. It uses letters to form words, and the longer word will reward with more points, making it similar to Scrabble. However, this game uniquely presents your letters as it uses different color balls bouncing on the screen sides to be the tile with letters on it. If you want to know more about this game, read more about the WordBall overview below.

    Rule Play

    wordballWordBall turns to be a distinctive word puzzle game with three surprising game modes. Each has a different challenge and speed level in which the balls play. The three-game modes are Sprint, Frenzy, and Classic. If the balls with 26 letters jump and become smaller at a normal speed in Classic mode, the bounce and pace of shrinking balls become faster in Frenzy mode. Meanwhile, Sprint mode offers a different challenge as you only have nine letters to play. Each game designs to reach the targeted score given at the screen’s top left. You have to finish it sooner before all the balls shrink and disappear. Otherwise, it will be game over. When you get the targeted score, you can move on to another level. Please note that you are not allowed to submit the same word in one challenge. Also, it has to be an actual word accepted in the dictionary.


    playing gameControlling WordBall is incredibly easy. The concept and the creation of a word would be the hardest part. When playing this game, you can tap the balls with a letter you need to create a complete word. In case you reach a ball with a letter that you initially do not want, you can press the undo button. After finishing one word-formation, you can press the checkbox button at the bottom right. If the game verifies that it is an actual word you have not used yet, you will get points for it.

    Graphics and Sound

    The interface of the WordBall is great and attractive with the supports of Retina Display. The ball pieces are in a vibrant and bright color that also differs from the game’s fun environment. Also, the game has the best feature in the music background to accompany your gaming time.


    When it comes to the price, this game has put a low price tag. Considering the great features mentioned above, spending $0.99 for a WordBall is cheap. More importantly, it has included all the best in a word trivia game within WordBall.

  • Legends

    Key Factors Every League of Legend Player Should Know

    League of Legends is one of the most common team games on the Internet today. By checking the guide of the league of legends smurf accounts, you can learn how to check the legitimacy when you buying an account. If you want to improve everyone’s favourite game in DOTA style, there are only three tracks of League of Legends you want to understand.


    Map Awareness

    Because the game and the environment require more coordination and situational awareness than other games you are familiar with, map awareness is essential to success in games like League of Legends. It is always important to have an idea of where your teammates are, what their chosen personalities are capable of and where your opponent (if any) is now skillfully absent. If you have no idea what a teammate’s characters are capable of, you may miss the easy kills or possibly be killed where they are positioned.

    Last Hitting

    Finally, hitting is a beneficial and fascinating game strategy that players of this sport do not know today. The latter only means allowing the wave of henchmen on your track to attack with you in the kill reward hit, so that each henchman can do most or all of the damage to your opponent’s henchmen. This can be a significant approach because when it is complete, it will not only allow you to raise funds but also ensure that the flow of minions will not rush into your competitor’s tower.

    This can be a vital concept because keeping the minions away from your competitor’s tower means keeping them closer to a tower where it is easier for you to follow your success. A fight on the track means that you are less likely to be ambushed on the slopes or in the jungle, and it means that your competitors will have to take cover if you want to attack them. As a guide, it is important to try to keep the wave close until your group is strong enough to get a boost to your tower by hitting it.



    Role Definition

    Understanding your role is one of the easiest tricks. Understanding your role means knowing what your character’s goal is for your group and working to achieve it. Your goal should be to start battles for your staff if possible, for water damage if necessary, and for your staff if you are sure you can save them if they sacrifice themselves for the advancement of your team. The characters are great, so there should be a lot of responsibility that you can assume according to your style of play. A supporting character should focus on questioning and protecting allies who are an integral part of the game.…