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Beware of Fake Applications on Android

There are numerous users of the applications available for download in Google’s Play Store, and it is always easy to download apps. However, you will not recognize the threats that you may encounter when you download some applications. There is a large variety of applications for Android, but there are also apps that are dangerous to your mobile phone and other devices. If you are looking for a reliable third-party installer, you can download CokerNutX.

If you download a fake app, and different warnings arise, you might need to uninstall the app. This list can help you to recognize counterfeit applications that install malware on your mobile device and prevent from downloading it.

Fake Installer


It has been reported through an agency that a fake Google Play installer is accessible on a third-party site. The fake downloader also has the name Google in it, which makes you think that it is authentic. On the other hand, Russian and European users are currently the target of the fake application, but that doesn’t mean that we are safe. Malware is part of two programs, Android.fakeinstaller and BadBadPiggies, which are designed to trick users into downloading their specific applications. Once you download this application, you’ll find a fake progress bar on the background. This application starts sending rate messages.


Fake Music Program

Choose the one that is popular when you are choosing a music app. The Zoukomobile music application is a fake one, and this application can be download through a third-party installer. It provides hyperlinks to broadcast artists and melodies. If they start streaming songs, they will be charged $4 per week without their knowledge. You automatically subscribe to the SMS subscription that is based in another country.

You will see a payment clause when you review the terms, conditions, and the essential elements of the program. Please note that a user may have to pay the song streaming fee. This program is malware because you will be charged for the streaming and added to the subscriber list of SMS services without the user’s knowledge and permission.

desktopCloaked Malware

Fake Tank has a malware called OpFake that is cloaked to it. The cloaked malware is hidden under an application that is supposed to sneak into your device incomprehensibly. You can install the app as soon as it works, and the malware will start to sneak into your mobile device. You will find out about the malware when you try to make it work. You will get there through the terms and conditions of the support site. You can be sure that this service will help you choose a premium SMS subscription, while the program may have started sending expensive messages in the background.