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    The Key Instruments of a Rock Band

    Rock n Roll is one of the music genres enjoyed by a lot of people worldwide. This is mainly because it is not limited to a specific approach or sounds. There is this notion that a band should be strictly limited to guitars, bass guitars, drums, and maybe a keyboard, but; in rock n Roll, you are allowed to explore other sound options.

    If you want to start a rock band, here is an idea of your band’s major instruments.

    Electric Guitar

    electric guitarAn electric guitar is one of the essential instruments in a rock band. Its unique way of construction and the equipped amplifier allows it to produce excellent sounds that can also go far. The sounds produced by an electric guitar cannot be matched by those of the acoustic or the bass guitars. Without an electric guitar, it can be very difficult for your band to play a rock tune.
    Before buying an electric guitar, you should know the type of pickups and electronic accessories you need. Pickups enable the lead guitarist to try various sound effects to settle on one, which is good for the music.

    Acoustic Guitar

    acoustic guitarAcoustic guitars do not produce as much sounds as an electric guitar, but they are crucial in the rhythm set-up of a band. There are various options of acoustic guitars you can choose based on the sound quality you need. Acoustic guitars do not need to be connected to other instruments, so the quality of the materials should be the main consideration when buying one. Choose a guitar with a vibrating body and steel strings having a low neck width.

    Drum Set

    drum setThese are the instruments that complete a rock n roll band. Without drums, there is no band. A drum set is essential as the drummer uses it to come up with a beat with which other instrument players will follow. Ensure that you select a drum set containing all the necessary hardware. Different materials are used to produce varying sounds. Speak with the dealers to help you identify the drum set with the best sound quality.

    The Bass Guitar

    Almost everyone enjoys music with good bass, and the bass guitar is there to produce this sound. The quality of the sound produced by the bass guitar will depend on the guitar itself and the skill of the person who is playing it. Choose a guitar with a body and neck that can perfectly fit in your bassist’s hands. Some bass guitars have four strings, six strings, and others 12. The most skilled bassists usually opt for guitars with many strings.…

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    Key Things in the Production of the Great Music

    If you look back to your favorite song, what do you think makes the track great? The beats or the lyrics involved? The answer lies in how your favorite song was produced. Every track has that thing that makes it great; that instinctive feeling makes you want to hear and dance to the beat.

    Song Structure

    An impeccable song structure is an important part of making great music. It also acts as a guide to making a great song. You can picture it as a road map to make some incredible beats or a melody. It is a path that tells you when and where to use certain instruments. When structuring, think of where the hook will come in, the chorus, and so on.

    Great Writing

    what makes musicAfter you have a structure, you need to follow it up with well-written verses. At this point, you already have a guide. And your writing needs to flow in a way that follows the structure that you have established. It is more like filling in the blanks. Make your chorus is as melodic as possible so that it can stick to the listener’s mind.


    the arrangement of musicThe arrangement is mistaken with structure, but it is a different thing. When it comes to the arrangement, it is all about the ingredients of the song. It entails deciding on the best instruments to use. For instance, it could be rock, acoustic, or any other thing you think the listener will appreciate.

    Some songs come out in two versions, a pop version, and a folk version. Ingrid Michaelson’s parachute is a perfect example of this, but what does it mean? It means that the song was released in two different arrangements to appeal to a wider audience.

    As you can see, there is a lot of work that goes into great music. So long as you have the essentials at your disposal, there is no reason why you shouldn’t make good music. All you need to do is, focus on the structure, writing, and arrangement. Once you do this, the chances are that you’ll love it.…

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    The Role of Film Scores in a Movie

    Music in films has great power and influence over the tone of a sequence, a scene, or a film. It is exciting to analyze how music is chosen specifically, or film scored explicitly written for a movie to give the audience context emotional response and information when watching the movie.

    Create a Convincing Atmosphere

    This boils down to the style. Whether you are a western movie or a film set in the ’20s or a sci-fi adventure flick, you can already imagine what kind of music will go with these kinds of films. Scores will help to orient your audience within the place and time in which they find themselves watching the movie. One interesting technique is switching it up, then going against convention. For instance, a 90s song can be used in a scene that takes place in the 1700s.

    Build Continuity

    You can use music to connect certain scenes together to make a sequence and also as an indicator- something that tells your audience to anticipate something that was shown in a different scene with the same music. This way, film scores help to build some sense of continuity in the movie.

    Silence Filler

    At times you want to fill the silence with music for things not to be uncomfortable since silence can be uncomfortable when watching a movie. You can, however, do this successfully by ensuring the music is not noticeable.

    Underline Something Psychological

    It could be danger lurking or something a character is not saying, music will alert your audience of the unseen things. For example, you may sometimes be watching a scene where there is a danger looming for a given character. You may not see the danger as yet, but the music can tell you when there is imminent danger in the scene.

    Give a Sense of Finality

    Music can also be used to indicate the end of an event in a film. If you are using music for this purpose, then you need to speak to the conclusion, and the closure of the scene contains. This is one of the most practical uses of film scores. Music will help you finalize major events in the film.

    Film scores may be existing songs or songs written specifically for the film. Either way, these are some of the roles that they play in movies.…