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    Tips on Extending the Battery Life of Your Smartphone or Tablet

    Smartphones and similar devices have become a necessity in today’s world. With these devices having many exciting features, we tend to use them frequently. The common challenge that most people face with their smartphones or tablets is short battery life. The more you use your smartphone, the faster you drain its battery. For this reason, there is a need to recharge them now and then.

    I This would enable users to charge their devices conveniently.
    You may also want to extend the battery life of your smartphone or tablet for various reasons. In this article, you’ll find a couple of tips that can help you keep your charge longer.

    Steer Away from Fast Charging

    slow charging batteryFast charging is exceptionally tempting. You bought your device to use it. And the idea of charging it as fast as possible, so that you can continue using it is irresistible. However,you might not know that fast charging is bad for your battery.

    After recharging for multiple times, your battery will not keep the charge as much as you’d like. Slow charging your phone is always the best option. If you fully charge it through the night, your phone is likely to keep charge throughout the day.

    Avoid your Battery Getting to 0% or 100%

    0% batteryWhen you drain the battery of your phone to 0 %, you sort of put some extra pressure on it. Charging to the brim also affects your phone’s battery. So what do you do? Ensure that your phone charge stays between 20% and 90% charge. If you charge regularly, don’t let your phone charge drop below 20%. And when it is at 80%, there is no need to charge it some more.

    Always Use a Dark Theme

    When you use a bright theme, your battery gets drained faster. But if you use a darker theme, your phone will use less energy. This doesn’t apply to all phones. In some phones, black themes are not any better. Energy consumption is pretty much the same regardless of which theme you choose to use. That said, it is good to try this trick and see how your phone behaves.

    Delete Unnecessary Apps

    apps on a smartphoneHaving many apps on your phone means your battery is being used to the maximum.Moreover, there are some apps that you might be keeping, but you have no use for. With that said, go through your phone and delete all the apps that you don’t need.

    If you have keenly read this article, then you are one step away from extending your smartphone or tablet battery life. Implement these tips, and you’ll enjoy a longer battery life.…

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    How to Choose a Gaming Laptop

    Gaming has never been better! Gamers want more features each passing day, and they’re enjoying. There’s no surprise that the gaming industry is booming. But your gaming experience can be as worse against your expectations if your PC is not up to the standard.
    That’s why most gamers are going for gaming laptops as they raise their game. However, not all laptops can give you all that you’re looking for while gaming. So, what are the best features to consider in a gaming laptop?

    Here’s everything you need to look up for:

    A Good GPU

    gaming controllerIt’s evident that most of the games are GPU-dependent, and in a laptop, there’s no way that you can upgrade. Therefore, when looking for a gaming laptop, you should ensure that it has a good GPU to ensure that the laptop plays the games at high settings over an extended period. Some laptops will give you an option to upgrade your RAM as well as storage. It will be an added advantage if you choose such gaming laptops.

    Screen and Display

    A defining characteristic of a gaming laptop experience is a high-quality display. It would be great to consider thin bezels to reduce the overall size of your device. Besides, you should choose a laptop with a high display refresh rate when you play competitive as well as fast-paced games.


    There’s no denying that highest-end gaming laptops have a superior cooling system. The excellent cooling system helps to guard against performance throttling. For instance, larger laptops have a notch in dissipating heat over the long gaming sessions.


    Given that NAND-based storage devices, as well as new interfaces such as NVMe*, are increasing in affordability each passing day, an SSD would be a great choice. Therefore, it would be better to choose a gaming laptop with at least 256GB of SSD capacity. In case you require more room for your media, then an external hard drive can provide that extra space.


    A laptop design that’s thinner and lighter means more portability. However, thicker, as well as heavier gaming laptops, usually provide some features beneficial, such as extra input as well as output options. That may include additional USB ports, display options, and audio input.


    You should ensure that you choose a gaming laptop with some extra years of guarantee. This ensures that the device you purchase is indeed trusted even by the manufacturers.


    The keyboard has to be great as a flimsy keyboard may ruin all your fun with a sheer adrenalin rush. A keyboard with a backlight of various key colors is the best option.


    Games take a lot of battery life, therefore, you should consider the battery life of the gaming laptop to ensure that you get the maximum.…