I plan on obtaining an bachelors degree in aerospace engineering but I always loved physics. How difficult is it to double major in aerospace engineering and physics?


(currently an aero/math student)

Okay, there’s two types of majoring in two things: a dual major, and a double major. The basic difference between the two is that, with a dual major, you get a “B.S. in aerospace engineering and physics,” while with the other, you get a “B.S. in aerospace engineering” AND a “B.S. in physics.” A dual major requires you to simply complete the course requirements for both degrees. A double major requires that you complete the requirements for both degrees IN ADDITION TO taking a certain number of credits (usually in the high 20′s, low 30′s) above your first degree (also, as a side note, if you were getting two different types of degrees, i.e. a B.A. and a B.S, you would be going for a double major, but this doesn’t apply to you).

It goes without saying that a double major is harder, in that, regardless of the “overlap” between your two degrees, you’ll basically still be required to take 30 additional credits (which can potentially add a year). In addition, the difference between a double major and a dual major isn’t significant enough to say that a double major is “better” in any sense. Therefore, if you can, aim for a dual major. HOWEVER, if, in the course of satisfying the requirements for a dual major, you also satisfy the requirements for a double major, then there really isn’t any reason to not do it.

Now you’d usually expect engineering and physics to have a significant overlap. However, it really depends on the college that you’re going to. Usually, the college of engineering and the college of science are separate, which makes dual-majoring much harder. Therefore, you might end up double majoring, which as I mentioned before, could be much more difficult. Either way, your courseload is going to be pretty heavy.

However, even though you will be taking two different majors, they’ll have so much overlap CONCEPTUALLY that it will make things easier. Engineering is basically physics, so you definitely will have situations where you will simultaneously be studying the same thing in two different classes – not too bad, right? So even though your courseload would be heavier, you might not find it that difficult to juggle them (although they will branch out as you go further).

TLDR VERSION: You’re going to have a very heavy courseload – that goes without saying. However, it might be easier than it seems because you’re going to be studying much of the same material.

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I am thinking about studying aerospace engineering for college. Before I apply, I really need to know what the employment opportunities are. Am I likely to get a job quickly after I graduate? What is the salary range for beginners? Aerospace engineering is really tough, and I need to know if I will get a high income job after studying hard. I would really love to get such degree, but I must look ahead and think about my future. I hope some of you will be able to help me!
Thanks much!


Aerospace engineers are expected to have 10 percent growth in employment over the projections decade, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Increases in the number and scope of military aerospace projects likely will generate new jobs. In addition, new technologies expected to be used on commercial aircraft produced during the next decade should spur demand for aerospace engineers. The employment outlook for aerospace engineers appears favorable. The number of degrees granted in aerospace engineering has declined for many years because of a perceived lack of opportunities in this field. Although this trend has reversed, new graduates continue to be needed to replace aerospace engineers who retire or leave the occupation for other reasons.

More details about pay can be found here:


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I am considering working towards getting into the Aerospace Engineering program at CU @ Boulder program. Any thoughts on their Aerospace Engineering programs or online resources that give it a review or whatever?


Aerospace Engineering should be done at the Master’s level, not as an undergrad degree.
Your undergrad degree should be Mechanical Engineering or Engineering Physics.

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Ever since I was about eight years old I’ve known what I’ve wanted to be, a physicist, but now I’ve been looking into my options for university, and aerospace engineering has really appealed to me, I love physics, but the prospect of learning about planes and space craft, how to design them and so on is equally appealing, how do I decide which route I take?


Aerospace engineering is a very specific degree; you’d only use your degree doing that job. Physics is a very versatile degree that can be applied to many fields and jobs and still be doing physics, but you can’t work as an engineer with a physics degree (engineers must be certified). You’ll probably make more money with a bachelors in aerospace engineering than you would with a PhD in physics.